Raise funds to pay for your loved one's final arrangements with confidence

Use for any final care costs

In addition to covering final costs, excess funds can be used to make a significant contribution to a worthy charity, create a scholarship in the deceased's name or simply help a surviving family member in need.

Safe and secure

With A Helping Hand™ the family is always in control of this safe and secure platform. With the ability to monitor every transaction in real time, families will not only have financial assistance, but peace of mind as well.

Complete control

At any point, families can log in to the portal and see sympathy gestures and contributions in real time. Not to mention, they will be able to stop the campaign at any time, for any reason.

Book of Memories™ Integration

A Helping Hand™ seamlessly integrates with Book Of Memories™ online memorial tributes, allowing friends, family members and loved ones to make contributions directly on the obituary page along with other gestures of sympathy.


No matter what device is at your fingertips, A Helping Hand™ will offer a simple and user-friendly experience. Whether you are on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer, the platform offers the same connectivity.

Social Media Integration

Social networks are one of the most prevalent components of any crowdfunding campaign. A Helping Hand™ integrates with the most popular social media platforms to ensure that families can share their campaigns at anytime, with anyone.

Developed by FrontRunner and Partnered with GoFundMe

developed by FrontRunner and partnered with GoFundMe

My son passed away unexpectedly and our family was not prepared for the funeral costs. A Helping Hand™ helped raise the funds needed to provide the send off my son deserved. This service has been invaluable to our family. Thank you from all of us.

—Lauren Michaels, Portland Oregon